oChristmas Tree… oChristmas Tree… oHow I love you, oChristmas Tree!

The oChristmas Tree app will be the most fun you ever had decorating a Christmas tree. Moms, dads and kids of all ages will enjoy decorating their own tree and sending it to friends and family. Leave the cold outside and enjoy a holiday tradition by a crackling fire.Parents will love to create the perfect tree. Kids will love all the sound effects and silliness. Grandparents will love the holiday card created by their Grand kids! This holiday, add a little fun to your traditions on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad!

  • Dozens of ornaments!
  • Sports themes and silly themes
  • Warm and cozy background
  • Interactive ornaments
  • Crazy sound effects
  • Remove ornaments you do not want
  • Reposition those you do!
  • Save your tree and email it to friends and family!
  • See how others have designed their trees on YOUR phone
  • Send YOUR tree to THEIR phone
  • Shake to reset your tree (the best part)

The fine print:
May induce laughter uncontrollably. In case of exposure, stop, drop, and share. Some kids may scream for apparently no reason. Some adults may scream for equally silly reasons. Grandparents may tear up and you may have a better holiday season because of it.